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We help people and organizations create the results that matter most to them – and sustain them.

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Focus on What Matters

What do you value and aspire to bring into your life or our organization? Our expertise is helping individuals, teams and organizations create the results that matter most to them.

It is radically simple. Applying the proven principles of the creative process, organizational development, and structural dynamics, our holistic approach analyzes the forces at play that factor into the choices we make and the results we achieve. We help our clients see patterns that may be holding them back, paint a picture of the future they want to create, and identify actions that lead to sustained superior performance.

We have worked with accomplished leaders in top-tier organizations and family businesses, large and small. Our goal is to bring out the best in people and teams and work with you to advance your individual and collective agenda.

  • Business Structural Analysis

  • Strategic and Team Development

  • Coaching

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We have an established track record of strategic and team development consulting and bring extensive experience working at the executive level in large, complex organizations. Let Radical Simplicity bring an outside and informed perspective to foster creative leadership and critical thinking.

“When we undertook the transformation of our call centres to improve effectiveness and deliver world class customer service, Janice designed and integrated a skills based compensation and performance management system that is still the foundation of our award winning contact centres many years later. Janice is a truly special consultant and leader. She starts with your business challenge, works with you to uncover root causes and helps you find long lasting and innovative solutions. Janice was the right leader for us when cookie cutter HR solutions weren’t delivering the results we needed to drive our business forward.”

President, Canadian Tire Bank and COO, Canadian Tire Financial Services (retired March 2017)

“Janice has the unusual ability to bring facts to the table that already reside in the organization, yet have been overlooked. When presented, these facts create an “ah-ha” moment – insight of significant value in helping people and organizations grow together. She is purposeful in facilitating conversations that encourage people to work together to find new and innovative ideas and perspectives with the power to transform the organization.”

Former CEO, McCain Foods Ltd.

“Before any action is taken, Janice asks this simple question: Does it cause friction in the business or does it create flow? Friction is anything that makes it more difficult for people to add value and win with the customer. Flow, on the other hand, is doing everything possible to remove barriers and promote better performance. This is where Janice differentiates herself from others. She asks that question, listens deeply, and makes decisions accordingly. It is possible to teach organizations the power that they can unleash by operating this way. Janice demonstrates this in art form.

President, Organization Thoughtware International Inc.

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Radical Simplicity Inc. works with organizations to
maximize the capability and potential of their people.

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